Solution for Empowering Automobile Radar with Accuracy

In this paper we describe innovative solution for automobile radar measurement using F&MM proprietary technologies.
Left picture is an anechoic chamber F&MM constructed for 77GHz/79GHz/90GHz automotive radar measurement in production environment. To assure measurement environment stability and reliability, a shielding chamber is important for indoor precision electronic measurement. Proper chamber design has to take into account the optimal production process control, shielding effect, proper placement of instrumentation for various testing types. 
Picture on the right hand is operational F&MM turn key testing system for automobile radar testing. It supports up to eight types of regular radar parametric studies ranging from passive component to fully integrated radar. Some of the radar parameters require on-sight measurement such as angular calibration, ERIP radiation pattern testing and angular resolutions. This testing solution incorporates  8 patented technologies including system self-calibration, robotic control, all-in-one multiple-purpose testing, etc. 
Let us take type 4 measurement for example, one can inspect the testing angular and system accuracy by using our embedded laser system. Picture on the left indicate laser emission from phase center of radar under test, and one can track the displacement angle of 1deg on the angular grid. When the azimuth scanning is in process, one can materialize the angular rotation process as an effective means of system diagnosis. 

You can achieve even higher production volume using our advanced testing functionalities.

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